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Cycling with children

When you go on a bike ride with children, there is one thing that is more important than anything else - a magical ride.

But how do you create a magical ride?

With children on tour

If the family is to have a pleasant experience, it is important that the trip takes place on the children’s terms. The trails must not be too demanding and there should be opportunities to make pleasant stops along the way. Feel free to let the children ride in front so that they can set a pace that suits them. 

Most children can ride a bike with a small backpack, but it is quite limited how much extra weight the children can carry. Therefore, it is wise to divide the packing list into 3 categories; 

  1. What you absolutely need.
  2. What you might need.
  3. What you do not really need, but which you think can be nice to bring.

In category 3. it is a good idea to leave some space for something that the children choose. A teddy bear, a hair hoop or something else? The point is that the children are allowed to decide for themselves, and bring with them something that is just theirs. These things serve as a great comfort or encouragement, should there be a need along the way.  

A plan for everything

With a good plan and well-chosen routes, the stress disappears, and the trip becomes a wonderful experience. We arrange overnight stays with breakfast and bicycles. The bikes we use are hybrid bikes from Scott and we have our own children’s bikes, or child seats for the very youngest. 

From the hotel in Sogndal, you can cycle several great trips that are suitable for children. One of these is the route from Fimreite. 


The hotel has direct access to a walk and cycle path that runs along the fjord through the village. From the bike path you get to the ferry that transports people and bikes to Fimreite, where the mighty Sognefjord is at its narrowest.

It was at Fimreite that the great Viking battle between King Magnus and King Sverre took place in 1184. Fortunately, you will not need either swords or longships on the trip. 

From Fimreite you cycle back to Sogndal on a very low-traffic road. There are several nice swimming opportunities along the route, including at Eide. Here you will find a fantastic beach with shell sand and toilet.

The nature experience with high mountains and beautiful fjords contributes to the magic of hiking and it is easy to feel the magic in an enchanting landscape.

But is there any better magic than proper science?

Vitemeir center

The Vitemeir Center is a science center that aims to inspire children and adults to seek new knowledge. In an exciting and modern way, explanations about cycles, climate, the universe and construction sites are conveyed – to name a few. This is a fun experience for both children and adults. 

The bike ride to the center from the hotel goes on a safe road that is almost without cars. This trip is approx. 10 km each way and suitable for a nice family day with fun experiences.

After a few days with a lot of cycling and many nice experiences, it can be nice to have a short bike ride and a lot of swimming in Barsnesfjorden. 


Barsnesfjorden is the innermost part of the fjord arm Sogndalsfjorden, and here you will find many nice bathing spots. There is a bike path from the hotel and the trip is about 5 km one way. This route is very child friendly.

If you want, it is possible to hike on to Helgasete, but this trip is a bit steep, so then the children should be used to hiking. 

On a trip with Fjord Cycling

Take it easy and adjust the speed for the youngest, and you will experience an excellent bike ride with the children. We organize the practical, so you can focus on the trip and each other.

Feel free to ask us for advice if you are considering going on a bike ride with children.

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